Yoga & Pilates

yogastockHatha Yoga: This class is appropriate for both newcomers to yoga, and to those who have practiced for years. Breath control and reconnecting inwards will be the main focus of this moderate class.

Yoga, Yoga with Weights, and Pilates Mat: These classes are designed to be taken together. The yoga class is gentle, and not as strenuous as other forms of yoga. It’s perfect for those who cannot meet the demands of physically straining exercise, and those looking for greater flexibility and a relaxing workout. In Yoga with Weights, the addition of dumbbells results in greater toning, without placing stress on the joints. Pilates Mat focuses on improving flexibility, strength, and coordination.

Power Yoga: This class modifies many of yoga’s traditional postures to intensify the practice of yoga in a more boot camp-like environment. For those who don’t get enough of a workout in moderate yoga classes, yet still don’t want to stand on their head like in most vigorous classes, this class is for you!

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