Personal Training

Not only does The I’On Club offer state of the art exercise equipment, it is also home to some of Charleston’s best personal trainers. Whether you are new to exercise, making a comeback to physical activity post-injury, looking to take your exercise regimen to the next level, or anywhere in between, our personal trainers will help get you the results you seek. Personal training can be purchased in 30-minute sessions, 45-minute sessions, and 60-minute sessions. For additional savings, training can be purchased in packages of 5 or 10 sessions. To set up personal training email our Fitness Director, Stephanie Lasek at


StephanieLasekStephanie Lasek – FITNESS & WELLNESS DIRECTOR
NASM Personal Trainer
Peak Pilates
Johnny G Spinning
AANC Nutrition Counselor
MOSSA/BTS Group Fitness

Specialties: Nutrition, Core Training, Functional Movement, HIIT style training, Holistic Nutrition.

Exercise Philosophy: I believe that exercise should feel natural and help us to perform everyday activities in a functional, pain free way.  I encourage the use of free weights, body weight and  other tools that help clients learn to rely on the strength of their own bodies to maintain proper alignment. When combined with holistic nutrition counseling, overall wellness is my goal for every client.


patrick-picture.jpg2_-150x150Patrick Arnheim
NESTA Personal Trainer
TRX Certified
Baptiste Power Yoga Certification

Specialties: Stability, Core Strengthening, Circuit Training

Exercise Philosophy: I am a fan of good form and having fun! Proper form builds strength and stability, helps avoid injury and maximizes time spent. Most important, though, is having fun while working out.



AvisCampbellAvis Campbell
Bachelor’s Degree: Physical Education/Strength and Conditioning

Specialties: HIIT/LIIT, Circuit Training, core Strengthening, Track and Field

Exercise Philosophy: After my track & field collegiate years, I still believe in being active. With a passion for fitness, I want others to love and enjoy working out as well. When you work at our own rhythm and pace, your abilities begin to evolve. Becoming a happy, fit, healthy you is the goal.


deniece guyanDeniece Guyan

Specialties: Functional Fitness, Health Coaching, Fitness at any age

Exercise Philosophy:  There are countless ways to exercise and the key is finding ones that you enjoy! Be consistent and reap the multitude of benefits of a healthy lifestyle.