Junior Tennis Advanced Academy

Advanced Academy recognizes the need for intense training that is conducive to every individual’s progress. We are able to address a student’s entire game and the ‘whole athlete’ with a combination of drilling, strategy, mental preparedness, patterns of play, point set up and match play. To ensure a high level of technical development, we utilize soft court training to promote good footwork, sound tactics and a disciplined approach to playing extended points.

High Performance Eating

We have incorporated a once a week food program with local Culinary Health Solutions, where our junior athletes learn the importance of ‘performance eating’ and have the opportunity to enjoy a prepared healthy meal.

Strength and Conditioning

A complete tennis player is a player that focuses on the off-court training just as much as their on-court technique, tactics and overall court play. A program that targets not only strength development, but power, and muscular endurance is key. One often overlooked aspect is incorporating injury prevention exercises into the program – particularly for the shoulders, wrists, hips and back. We work on all of this. Again, the ‘whole athlete.”

Yoga and Visualization

A one day a week yoga class with a certified yoga instructor is included to teach the juniors how to listen to their bodies, stretch and meditate. In addition to good court performance, we also encourage students to concentrate on their education, develop good character, sportsmanship, and overall integrity.

The ultimate goal is to produce well-rounded and educated athletes that are prepared for college and beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission at Junior Tennis Advanced Academy is to build better tennis players, and in the process build better people. Everything we learn on the court can be applied in life and we want to help build that foundation for your child, in a safe and constructive environment.

Junior Tennis Advanced Academy is an invitation-only program that runs year-round. By limiting enrollment, we are able to ensure a more personal atmosphere and provided more one-on-one time for each player enrolled in the Academy. It’s our way of affording each student the individual time necessary for his or her ultimate success.


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