I’On Junior Tennis & Academy

The I’On Club’s Junior Programs offer a character based approach to tennis excellence.  We have coaches who care about your child and their development with the skills to help kids individually in a group setting.  Every child is different and they will be nurtured according to their skills and needs.  With a complete pathway from early development to college tennis you can trust your child will get a quality tennis education, while learning invaluable life skills along the way.

Please call to register and obtain pricing 843-971-7834 or email Director of Tennis, Chris Kiesel

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Red Ball DevelopmentJunior Development 1 and 2Teen DevelopmentJunior Tournament TransitionAdvanced Academy

Age: Late 3 to – 6 yrs Old
Red Ball Developmental is a starter program for parents looking to introduce their child to basic athletic movements while learning to enjoy the sport of tennis.  They will improve their Agility, Balance and Coordination (ABC’s) and basic tennis skills in a fun and exciting atmosphere.  We pride ourselves on creating a personal relationship with your child so they will have a great time and want to come back!

Tuesday and Thursday 3:45 – 4:30PM

Age: 7 – 12 (1) (Beginner (1) – Intermediate (2))

This is program is an introduction to tennis skills, stroke technique and scoring.  We continue to focus on your child’s fundamental athletic development, while adding stroke technique, rallying and the competitive aspects of the game.  Our coaches are dedicated to grow your child from beginner to an intermediate tennis player, while teaching them to love and respect the game.

Wednesday and Friday 4 – 5 PM

The focus is on intermediate and beginner teen players who enjoy tennis but don’t want the rigors and demands of an academy.  We will focus on improvement in a fun and social atmosphere and prepare them to play on their school teams.   The class will also allow older kids with the interest to transition into academy tennis without training in the younger group, which can be disheartening.

Wednesday and Friday 5 – 6:30 PM

Ages 8 -12 (Intermediate – Advanced)
*evaluation required.

This program is for the budding tennis athlete with the aspirations and drive to play competitive tennis.  It is introduction to academy tennis and team atmosphere where having fun while working hard is the goal.  Athletic movement, skill and shot development are heavily trained, with the addition of strategy and match play.  We will encourage your child to play competitive tennis with local and school teams, and play local tournaments.

Junior Tournament Transition is an invitation-only program that runs year-round.  Please contact Tennis Director Chris Kiesel to inquire.

Ages – Skill Determinate (Tournament Players)
*evaluation required.

This program is based on building great character and a great athlete through the game of tennis.  If your child prides themselves as a competitive tennis player they will be challenged mentally, physically and emotionally, in order to prepare them for competitive tournament play and life challenges.  The program requires a minimum commitment to keep up with the team and parents will be appreciative of the individual support their child receives as a tennis player and human.  The program also includes tournament coaching, visualization, parent meetings and strength and conditioning.

The Advanced Academy is an invitation-only program that runs year-round.  Please contact Tennis Director Chris Kiesel to inquire.