Aquatics Fitness

aquatics-fitness-01Aqua Fit is designed for people in the best shape, worst shape, and everywhere in between.  The water creates greater resistance which is perfect for toning muscles and is low impact for anyone with injured or aching joints. Don’t be fooled, our Aqua Aerobics is not a float down the lazy river.  This class will challenge your cardiovascular endurance and help you shed those unwanted pounds.

Aqua Yoga  is a workout for the body and mind.  It tones the muscles, trims the body line and tranquilizes the spirit.  Aqua Yoga is a completely different experience from doing yoga on the mat.  No swimming skills are needed as class is held in waist deep water.  It is safe and makes one feel more flexible than ever.  Classes are structured much like the land-yoga equivalents: breathing, warm-up exercises, a series of poses and a relaxation period.  Movements in water help lengthen and strengthen muscles, support weak joints, and improve balance and coordination.  The water helps support the body, making poses easier and easing the strain on the joints.  The muscles must push against the water to achieve different poses which helps in building strength.

Swim & Sweat is hi/low impact and high intensity – a refreshing combination of land exercises and swim sets. This class allows you to increase your exercise frequency without putting extra stress on your joints. (1 hour class: 20 minutes of land exercises & 40 minutes of swim sets)

Check the Group Fitness Calendar to view the schedule.  Note that some aqua group classes are held seasonally.

For more information, call the front desk at 843.971.7834.